What is the 'Cahier de cours'? How do I access it?

Your 'Cahier de Cours' is the place to find detailed notes about everything you've studied during your training. You will find a great deal of information about your training in your 'Cahier de Cours', including:

  • your latest lessons and corrections
  • the centers of interest chosen for your training (modifiable at any time)
  • statistics on your level, progress and participation rate
  • vocabulary and grammar pointers from your lessons
  • all previous episodes in readable formats
  • change your reception days and schedule a vacation or planned absence.

In the My Account section, you can:

  • modify your e-mail address
  • access your invoices and subscription information

Your 'Cahier de Cours' and My Account are accessible by clicking on your name at the top-right of the screen of any lesson or correction (or from the menu in your app).

Note that your training history is saved even if you decide to unsubscribe (your 'Cahier de Cours' will remain accessible). If at any time you wish to resume your training, you can start where you left off!

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